The 31 Days of Freelancing Series

What I'm listening to: Picture of Health by We Were Promised Jetpacks Welcome to December! If you're like every other writer, you've found December to be a bit of a challenge -- a black hole into which all your clients seem to fall, a month when...

Happy Thanksgiving

What I'm listening to: Tillidh Mi (I Will Return) by Runrig Remember the reason you became a freelancer? More free time, more freedom of movement, the ability to call the shots, name your hours.... That last one. That's the one we forget,...

5 Ways to Sell Your Writing Value

What I'm listening to: Light as the Breeze by Leonard Cohen Looking back, I'm glad that week is over. I loathe politics, and even more so now. I saw people I thought were decent humans become these taunting, gloating, name-calling animals. I saw...

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Right you are, Jenn. It's a common mistake, and it's one even clients make.…

Good reminder Lori. I see this issue with new freelancers all the time. They…