6 Top Freelance Writing Traits

What I'm listening to: Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers Another year, another conference under the belt. This makes 10 or so appearances at this particular conference, so there are plenty of familiar faces and names. I ran into quite a few of...

Conference Hiatus

This is my week. Every year I attend one trade show. That's where I network, connect with familiar faces, talk shop, and find new clients. My work usually starts five or six months out. I contact companies that are attending or exhibiting and I...

The Confident Freelancer

What I'm listening to: Changed the Locks by Lucinda Williams Today, let's explore confidence. Some of us are born with it in abundance (I've been known to think I can do it even if I can't demonstrate that ability all the time). Some of us could...

Kicking Freelance Writing “But”

What I'm listening to: Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind Yesterday on a private writers' forum, I saw a post from someone I consider to be a smart, savvy writer. She was asking for help. She wants to lose her full-time gig and go 100%...

Freelance Show & Tell

What I'm listening to: California by The Airborne Toxic Event I spent this week working on smaller projects for clients, which has given me a little time to work on my brochure and website copy. Full disclosure: It also gave me time to stare at a...

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Good luck with the conference... looking forward to your support

I hope you have a fun and productive conference, Lori.

Great point, Cathy. It is about making it all routine, isn't it? The more…