If I know you, you’re pretty much in.

But what if you’re a writer looking for a place to start building a community or you’re a lurker who’s decided it’s time to share? Get in touch with me at lwbean AT gmail DOT com and send me your ideas!

What I accept:

  • Anything relevant to freelance writing as a profession. That means you may want to forego your post pushing your latest affiliate links or your company’s educational software, translation services, car rental company (seriously, I’ve had those) or anything meant to promote your business or your clients’ businesses.
  • Posts from individuals. Please, no companies. At all.
  • Posts from career or fledgling writers. This is your forum for learning and sharing. 
What I won’t accept:
  • Articles littered with back links or attached to dofollow requests. No loading up your links in the article. Yes, you can include your link in your bio, and links to your books or blogs, but that should be limited to three at the most, so choose carefully.
  • Posts from content generation sites.This is not a forum for writers working for content generation sites, or trying to win contests for how many guest posts they can generate. That’s exploiting writers, and I won’t support that.
  • Links that are not relevant. Seriously, I’ll just delete them, or worse, not put your post up at all. So if you have a post on great writer blogs, sure. Include links to those blogs where appropriate. If you have a post on great career moves that includes links to resume services or paid job postings, forget it. Use your head — you know what’s blatant promotion and what isn’t.
  • Diatribes or any post that openly demeans or embarrasses another person or company. I know writers get into tiffs and personality clashes and clients refuse to pay, but that remains offline — at least where this blog is concerned.
I reserve the right to turn down any post for any reason. Sometimes it’s merely a matter of not having space. Please respect my decision.

How to pitch your idea:

Don’t just send me a note saying “I want to guest post for you.” Here’s the how-to guide for getting in touch:

– Send me a note telling me your idea
– Send links to something you’ve written (two or three will do)
– Tell me where you found me (I need to know you’ve read this, so just say “Per your blog guidelines” and I’ll know you did)
– Be honest about any contest or quota you need to fill in order to receive payment — I value honesty above all else

That’s it. I look forward to your ideas!