Writers Worth: Your All

The last day of Writers Worth Month is here. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey of awareness and improvement. Today, the advice is simple: If you want to improve -- really improve -- your freelance writing career, you have...

Writers Worth: Taking Care of You

What's this? A post on a holiday? Don't worry -- the message is simple: Freelancer, give yourself permission to enjoy some down time. Today: Don't check email. Don't feel guilty for not getting a head start on that big project. Don't...

Writers Worth: Changing Perspective

Wow. Just a few more days to Writers Worth Month. Thank you for coming along with me as we celebrate our skills, abilities, and love for this wild ride we call freelancing. This month we've talked about a lot of things -- from feeling worthless...

Writers Worth: It’s Nothing Personal

Writers, rejection happens. A lot. Even when you're ten years into your career, you're not about to please everyone. That's Anne Wayman's message in today's guest post -- her second here this month. Anne, a veteran writer and someone who's taught...

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I need an overhaul in this area - currently working with LinkedIn... it all…

Happier and more content with the decisions, yes. :)

We're not born negotiators, are we? I found it easier once I set my…