Writers Worth: It’s Nothing Personal

Writers, rejection happens. A lot. Even when you're ten years into your career, you're not about to please everyone. That's Anne Wayman's message in today's guest post -- her second here this month. Anne, a veteran writer and someone who's taught...

Writers Worth: Expressing Your Worth

My husband and I were at a high-end kitchen design shop not long ago. We were browsing for ideas, and in the process, we were greeted by one of the salespeople. The man introduced himself, explained the showroom floor, then hung back at the front of...

Writers Worth: Bad Offer, Disguised

I was talking with a client prospect not long ago, and it became apparent that I was being railroaded. It was a simple conversation -- we were to explore writing projects that I assumed (rightly) I was being considered for. Only the offer that...

Writers Worth: It’s Down to Words

I met Dana Ford on a LinkedIn forum, but it wasn't until we interacted on Twitter that I really got to know him. In fact, when my dad's illness was diagnosed, Dana was the first person in my email to ask if I was okay. He was quick to offer a...

Writers Worth: When to Call Bullshit

When you ask Jennifer Mattern for a guest post, what you're not going to get is a cookie-cutter, rah-rah, you-can-do-it, smoke-up-your-skirt kind of post that cheers you on and encourages you through positive reinforcement. What you will get is a...

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