The $100-a-Day Freelance Shell Game

What I'm listening to: Laminated Cat by Jeff Tweedy There's a bit of a disturbing trend in freelance writing, and it's pointed at new writers and those who are struggling. It's the lowering-of-the-bar promise. In one week, I saw four...

The Freelance Writing Location Myth

I was on Twitter last week when I noticed a study by HubStaff that talked about freelancers and earnings. Some interesting things in there, and not all of them I agree with. Here's one that stood out: The rates that freelancers charge are...

The Freelance Money Flow

What I'm listening to: Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton I was reading a conversation recently among newer writers talking about waiting for that next check to show up. Boy, do I remember those days. And on rare occasion, I still have that...

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