Marketing Monday: Showcasing Your Creativity

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A relative came to me recently asking how to get into freelancing. A designer, he was looking to supplement the income while working at home, and he had no idea how to start.

Who does, really?

That’s one of the reasons I’ve devoted every Monday in 2018 (or as many as I’m able to be here for) to help you, freelance writer, increase your marketing impact. While my relative may need a bit more than one strategy a week, it’s always a good idea to look outside your current marketing practices for something that may improve your results.

This week, I suggest trying something that doesn’t require direct customer contact — yet.

Today’s Marketing Move:

Make a virtual catalog.

Create a catalog of your services (and yes, you can include any of your ebooks or other products in that catalog). Whether tangible or intangible, you can “show” your customers what you’re offering. Put it on your website. Save it as a PowerPoint slide (my favorite method). You’ve just created a more visually appealing portfolio. And you’re a writer. Who knew?

When you’re courting prospects, be sure to include the catalog link. I’d refrain from attaching anything to an email, such as a PowerPoint file as most attachments from new email addresses are flagged as spam and sent to the badlands. Create a safe place for them to go to download your portfolio. Or simply ask in your initial email is they’d allow you to send it over.

Ways you can use your new catalog:

  • As presentations in-person at trade shows (who wants to carry home one more thing?)
  • As links in your brochures or on your business cards
  • As an interactive part of your website
  • As an invitation to view your credentials when emailing or snail-mailing a new contact
  • As “samples” that some potential clients ask for

Why I’m a fan of the catalog, or clickable portfolio — clients see your experience, but they have a more visual interaction with what you’ve done. I include screenshots of websites and magazines (clickable, of course). It makes for a more appealing presentation of your skills and shows you’ve approached even your portfolio creatively.

Writers, how do you currently present your background to potential clients?
What has worked well to garner client attention?

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