Writers Worth – Here it Comes….

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How was the weekend? I spent mine outdoors, first at an early-morning wedding (and Jenn looked radiant) then most of Saturday afternoon digging out around the rhubarb and moving plants. I moved a bunch of rudbekia, some daisies, and rerouted the forget-me-nots, which were leaping all over the front garden. I’m really pleased with that flower this year — they’ve tripled in abundance since last year. Pretty soon I’ll be ripping them out and tossing them like I’ve started to do with the rudbekia.

I bought another poppy, too. The two I have are thriving and putting out huge numbers of blooms, so I wanted to create a space just for them. That meant digging up and moving (and even tossing) some of the daisies. The garden is telling me what it wants, and I’m doing what I can to listen.

Two weeks. That’s how long before the fifth annual Writers Worth Week begins. I’m mixing it up this year. You’ve heard me go on enough about valuing yourself and embracing your own worth. So this year, it’s your turn.

It’s your turn to be the inspiration for the new writers and those writers who find
themselves locked in low-paying purgatory. Write a post
telling others how you found worth, what worth has meant for your career, your
struggles with valuing yourself, how you overcame low-paying gigs and being
under-appreciated…. whatever your story is. You get the byline. You get the
chance to inspire someone, share an idea that can change someone’s roadblock
into opportunity, and create an inner dialogue in someone that helps them grow

Beginning writers stories welcome, too! Tell us what you’re
facing and what your struggles are to value yourself and build a business.

If you write it and it’s directly related to worth in any way, I’ll post it. (If you’re advertising, save your breath.) Email your post to me by this Friday. I promise to post all guest posts, for in my mind there is no end to discovering your worth.

What will your lesson to others be?

How was your weekend?

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  • Cathy Miller May 7, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Can't wait to see some pics from Jenn's wedding.

    My weekend was one that reminded how it hurts to get older. I took a noser while out walking. The wind was blowing and I was reaching into my jacket pouch for a kleenex. What I didn't expect was the left corner of the sidewalk to be raised a good 10 inches above the rest.

    I scraped my temple, both knees and my left shoulder. Sunday morning brought more aches than I thought I had parts for. 🙂

    See what happens when you exercise. :-)Think I'll stay strapped to the chair – although even that hurts.

  • Lori May 7, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Cathy, your hug was delivered. 🙂

    Oh lord, I'm sorry to hear you took a dive! Amazing how when we're ten or twelve we barely feel that. But put some experience on our bones and OUCH!

  • Paula May 7, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    My weekend's been busy. A friend is visiting from LA. Saturday we went, with another friend, to a massive neighborhood wide garage sale event. My friend wanted to try a hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant my sister and I are addicted to. We wound up going there twice. She also wanted to try our local upscale fast food place, Beef-a-Roo (way nicer than it sounds), and has been three times (they have a huge menu, and she went there their coffee mug. The next day we went to an historic house here in town for a LONG tour. Today we need to hunt down some yarn before she heads off. It always happens – people see things I've made and want me to make the same things for them. Glad to oblige whenever possible.

    I have a lot of catching up to do with work, but it was worth it.

    Best wishes to Jenn and her new husband!