Were you contacted by a client and it just didn’t feel right?

Here’s how to check on any company or client:

  1. Search the Better Business Bureau website
  2. Search the internet using key terms
  3. Check the company’s website for clues on the official name/owners’ names
  4. Use the ScamBuster resources to locate more information
  5. When in doubt, don’t

Latest Warnings

CollegeMentoring.co/Admitopia: College Mentoring, Inc. is reaching out to several writers at once with the same request for bids to complete a website revision project. It’s predecessor company, Admitopia, has been accused of collecting information/photos of credible professionals in order to increase the company’s credibility. The Better Business Bureau has given Admitopia an F rating, and the company did not respond to or rectify three consumer complaints. See more complaints here