3 Steps to Freelance Opportunity Success

Time to get serious.

Isn’t that what we think as we toss aside that final calendar page? That shiny new calendar holds 12 pages of promise. This will be the year. This will be the start. This time, it will all be different.

This year, for me, has started exactly how the old year ended. At this writing, I sit in my parents’ house, where I’ve been since December 23rd. I’m holding vigil for my dying father. I’m supporting my mother, who has amazed me with her stamina, patience, and tenacity. I’m learning to let go.

Everything else can wait — will wait.

Yet this year, for you, doesn’t have to mirror the end of 2017. In fact, you, my writing friend, have tons of opportunity stretched out in front of you. You simply have to go for it.

That’s right — no invitation needed, no lines, no waiting.

Here is your three-step process for finding and owning your freelance writing opportunity:
Recognize it.

Please don’t tell me you can’t see that your current clients are lacking a blog or your 10 years in real estate really does translate into your freelance writing career (ever try writing for a real estate publication or association magazine?). From crafting your own letter of introduction (and sending it — useless to have it if you’re not going to share it with potential clients) to upselling your current clients, your opportunities require one thing — opening your eyes to them.

Plan your approach.

It’s as simple as deciding to reach out to potential clients on Twitter, LinkedIn forums, or email (or all three, plus whatever other methods you like). Write down a simple plan — tweet three things a day that relate to that client’s business interests, for instance. Open your calendar app and schedule it as a recurring appointment every work day. Yes, every one.

Follow up on it.

Don’t think one-and-done communication. Think ongoing. Following up increases significantly your chances of landing clients. You’re reminding them you’re there. You’re also improving your name recognition and allowing these people to remember you when they’re looking for a writer.

Writers, where do your opportunities lie this year?
What methods do you use to capitalize on them?

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  • Paula Hendrickson January 3, 2018 at 11:37 am

    I can’t even imagine what you and your family are going through right now, Lori, but I’m glad you’re there with your parents. Thankfully you’re able to work remotely. You must be a great comfort to your mother, and your father is lucky to have his loved ones by his side. Who wouldn’t want that in their final days?

    Oh, and as usual, you’re offering solid advice that writers at any stage can benefit from.

    Sending love, comfort, and peace to your entire family.

  • Cathy Miller January 3, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    Keeping you and you family in my thoughts and prayers always, my friend. I love your 1st point – recognize it. Sounds so simple but we often let the noise cloud our vision. Is that known as a mixed metaphor? 🙂

  • Anne Wayman January 3, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    Lori! Hugs… bless you for writing a blog post and a good one too.
    I’m learning to finish things… that’s my goal for this year, finish or be willing to drop them.