31 Days of Freelancing: You as Social Butterfly

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december-10_ink_liSaturday. Isn’t there something so satisfying, so decadent about waking up on a Saturday and knowing you have the entire day to do what you want? Or do nothing if you want — that’s always my goal.

So why would I be giving you a business-boosting strategy on a Saturday? Because I want you to ponder it — not necessarily complete it or start it — but ponder it. Or schedule it for Monday. Whatever you wish.

It’s the weekend, after all. You work when you want to, not because someone like me tells you to. So you don’t have to do anything today. Just keep this strategy in your back pocket and revisit it when you’re back at the desk. Or do it now. Up to you.

December 10: Increase Your Social Media Interactions

Our first day this month, we worked on improving your social media presence. Today, let’s see what we can do about improving those interactions.

Here are a few things you can work into your daily routine:

  • Share one relevant article — just one. Choose your audience (preferably those who could make good clients) and make sure what you share has the hash tags used most by those people.
  • Talk about what you’re doing right now — just don’t make it about your damn lunch or latte, okay? Best to talk about a project you’re starting, working on, finishing.
  • Ask a question — pose one thought-provoking question each day. Let’s not aim for rhetorical questions, but ones that you hope will get a response. Or better yet, respond to a potential client tweet/share with a question.
  • Interact with one more person — last week, I was tweeting with one friend and another one popped up. Do that with people in your target audience/industry.
  • Share someone else’s content at least twice a day — Social media success is about balancing promotion with sharing. Don’t be an attention hog; instead, share one or two items that someone else shared. And don’t be shy — people are usually grateful you found what they have to say worth sharing.

That’s it. Not so hard, right? But on Monday morning (or now, if you like), open your calendar and schedule ten minutes for this. Before long, it will become your new routine.

Writers, how do you boost your social media interactions?

What’s your goal when doing so?

How effective has social media been for you in both finding new clients and networking with key industry people?

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