31 Days of Freelancing: Add One More Skill

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Thursday already? I best you’re still scrambling to get your holiday plans in order. Maybe you’re working on a project in hopes it will be done before tomorrow.

Either way, there’s probably some down time you’ve been wanting needing.

Today is your day. Today, give yourself permission to take a break and invest the time into you and your freelance writing business.


December 22: Increase Your Knowledge /Add a New Skill

Now how are you going to do that when it’s so freakin’ busy around here, you ask?

Try something like:

  • Find one good webinar, podcast, or course.
  • Get a good business book.

What do you want to know more about? How about how to get into a specific specialty or niche? Maybe you want to improve your existing skills. Or why not learn more about the operations side of your business?

It’s all out there, and it’s all free (well, not all free, but I’ve located some of the free stuff for you).

Try looking in any of these places for good, free courses and webinars:


Anything under the sun:

In most cases, the information you want is out there for free. Looking for something specific? Enter “free course (or webinar)” and the subject you’re looking for.

Writers, what are some of the free resources that have helped you this year, or any time?

What one free resource has changed the way you do business?

What would you like to learn today?

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