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Yesterday was a slow, but productive day. I started – and finished – the first round of a client project, and I organized a larger project that I’ll start next week. Today I have one interview, then my day is just beginning.

That’s because just after lunch, I’m off to Washington, DC. My cousin will be there, and he’ll be speaking in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I remember him when I was younger as this engaging, fun person. when he came back from Vietnam, he was a changed person. He rarely smiled. He was sullen, almost angry. It wasn’t until much later I realized why. He was there at My Lai.

But today, for me, is about honoring those who were put into impossible situations at too young an age to sort it all. It’s about thanking friends and family for going willingly (and sometimes not so willingly) onto battlefields and fighting wars for the people who’d created them. It’s for those who died, and for those who lived and now carry those experiences with them for life.

I know Veterans Day isn’t observed until Monday, but showing your appreciation doesn’t have to happen on a specific day, does it?

So three hours by car each way to say thanks and to give him a hug. He deserves it.

The weekend? Mowing (still doing that into November — what’s wrong with this planet?) and cleaning. We have family arriving next weekend and I’ve yet to finish putting things away after the party on Halloween. The power was out just a few hours (19), but the stepdaughter was here and spending time with her took precedence. Now that’s she’s back in Maine, no excuses. The house, lawn and garden need some attention.

Once all that is done, I hope to get out to hear some local music. The coffee house may have something, but I’ve not looked. If nothing else, it will be Irish music at Molly’s. Not that that’s a consolation prize — it’s our go-to sure thing for a good time.

How is your weekend shaping up?

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  • Devon Ellington November 9, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Busy. Mowing, writing, working with the Beautification committee on a local park.

    Enjoy DC!

  • Lori November 9, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Thanks, Devon. Enjoy that busy weekend!

  • Paula November 9, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    I'll be cleaning because it's been a while. But my sister's dogs will be visiting Sun-Tue, and the siding is supposed to go up next week, so why bother? Oh, right: if I don't, it will only get worse.

    It's supposed to be warm (upper 60s ahead of a cold front with possible snow) so I'll probably get a little yard work done. Good idea to rake more leaves before the siders start – the nails (screws?) aren't magnetic and will be picked up by hand instead of with the cool roller thing the roofers used.

  • Anne Wayman November 9, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Jukai class, meditation, maybe some cleaning, and some naps.