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Leaving a few more vapor trails for you:

Plenty of blogs exist with information that’s either done to death or done poorly. However, there are a few blogs that stand out as favorites. From each I’ve culled one favorite, each a reason why I love visiting these people.

Moving Beyond Content Mills: Steve Sloane – Jenn Mattern shows us through real-life example just how easy it is to do better than the content farms.

There is No Typical Pay for Writers – It takes a lot to make Anne Wayman lose her cool, but this question is the one that had her typing “Arghhhhh!!!”

How to Get Your Writer Marketing Done in an Hour a Week – Marketing is simple. Sharon Hurley Hall shows you just how simple. Brilliant post.

Anticipate Lulls in Your Business and Plan Accordingly – Kimberly Ben gives some great tips on where to look for more clients.

Freelance Follies: A Second Opinion – Dr. Freelance Jake Poinier illustrates what can happen to writers who allow third-party review of projects.

The Well-Fed Writer blog: Peter Bowerman explores heuristic writing versus algorithmic writing, and the comments are as interesting as the premise.

The Freelance Writer’s Ultimate Guide to Queries – This post is just one of many that made me a Susan Johnston fan.

3 Business Communication Mistakes That Cost You Big-Time – Cathy Miller is one to follow, and this post is a small sample of her brilliance.

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    Thanks for including me.