Devon’s Extra-Special Big Day

Many of you who visit here regularly know Devon Ellington or have seen my links to her weblog, Ink in My Coffee. Or maybe you’ve read her comments here. She’s part of the Words on the Page family – and part of my extended family (we adopt our favorites these days).

Today is a big day for Devon. Her book, Hex Breakers, is now a retail item! Devon has taken an area she knows from behind the scenes – filmmaking and wardrobe – and has turned it into a flight fantastic through a fantasy like no other. I’ve downloaded my copy and I’m settling in to read it the moment I return from vacation (don’t you love the ability to write your posts ahead of time?). I suggest you do the same. Devon is a phenomenal and prolific writer, and I’m sure she’s given us a witty and deep tale to savor.

Get thee over to Firedrakes Weyr Publishing and download your own copy. Congratulations, Devon! Much love and success!

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