Work is What Happens

When You’re Busy Making Other Plans…
I apologize profusely. Normally, I’m here almost daily. For me to let this much time pass between posts is just wrong. The reason? Work. Yes, that four-letter word once again foiled my plan to do what I’d rather be doing.

It’s why my count on the Nano contest is so low – 5,001 words. How pathetic is that? Do we think she’ll get 50K by November 30th? HA! But I’m so deadline-driven, I’m sure I’ll nearly kill myself to attempt it.

I’m getting a touch nervous. I have clients, but I don’t have many. I don’t have many invoices out, either. And the holidays are coming. Does it always have to be like this? So back to the search for more clients. I have one who contacted me last week for a retainer arrangement. If he follows through, we won’t be having this conversation next week. If he doesn’t, I’m hoping the queries I’ve sent out the last two weeks will net something. Meantime, I’m working for the magazine and making a nice amount on that gig. Amen. I love the work, too. And I have two ongoing gigs that are both more drudgery than actual creative work, but it’s a steady stream of income nonetheless. Oh, and there’s the semi-regular gig that is about to pick up again. It seems odd, as I was scrambling to get it all done just before vacation.

The moral of the story – no matter how busy you are, always look for more. You never know what’s coming or when. It’s a trap we fall into much too often. We get busy and lazy about marketing. Marketing is constant. Consider it medicine you must take in order to remain healthy.

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  • Irreverent Freelancer November 13, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    Lori said, “no matter how busy you are, always look for more.” Ain’t that the truth! I have slipped in that department the last two weeks and now I’m paying for it with a fairly slow week. I had a really good first 10 months of the year, so I’m not sweating it. (Truth be told, I rather like the idea of not being overwhelmed with work over the holidays.) I do, however, have to get my marketing butt in gear or this semi-drought of mine may extend long past the holidays!

  • Devon Ellington November 13, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    I’ve been slacking off on the queries, and now that the strikes are on, I’m paying for it. Literally.

    This week, I have to get back on the stick with querying.

    Thanks for the kick in the butt.

    You CAN up your Nano count — you simply have to do it outside of business hours and commit to doing X amount of words per day.

  • Sue November 13, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    So true, Lori. I don’t know a single successful writer who isn’t always on the lookout for new work.

    And I feel like you do, too. I worry when my calendar is looking empty. Last week was perhaps the first week all year I didn’t get a single check!

  • Lori November 13, 2007 at 8:14 pm

    Good advice, Devon. Unfortunately, that’s how I write. :(( I need to designate a day for just Nano writing.

    Kathy, I do like having time off during the holidays, but that usually equates into no money in January (for me, anyway). I do have some high-paying ongoing work, so hopefully I can take a few days off during December for the holidays.

    Sue, amen. I got a check today and I literally kissed it! It didn’t kiss back, but I don’t care! LOL