When You Get Paid, We Get Paid

Remember the above mantra – it is part of a movement that will undoubtedly affect your future compensation. The striking members of the Writer’s Guild, whose work appears in various media venues, are using the mantra to define very succinctly what they’re striking over – compensation schedules that award them for their work appearing in new media outlets, such as the Internet. Read the story here.

Good for them, right? Well, if they’re successful, good for us all. Too long have we been working our tails off for a small slice of the pie. Not that all clients or pay scales are unfair – it’s that this surge in new ways to display our work has left a very large gap in how, or if, we are compensated. The striking writers have it right, for if this were an article or a play that either appeared in another publication or performed on a different stage, no one would think twice about compensating the writers, who would most likely hold contractual agreements with the original clients. However, when your skit appears on the Internet and your client is compensated for it, why not you as the writer?

Show your support for the striking writers, who haven’t hit the picket lines in ten years. Blog this, or link back here. No matter what type of writing you do, the activities today will affect you.

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