Job Listings – October 30,2007

Like the Rabbit in Alice’s Tale

Yes, I’m late to the dance here today. Sorry. Too much going on this past week, including helping my oldest move to another state. You with small children cannot understand now (nor did I a few months ago) what it feels like when you see your kids leave. Yes, I sobbed. Yes, I survived. Luckily – or maybe not – the youngest left for college two months ago, spawning the first crying jag. I knew what was coming, which was good. When your first-born leaves, there’s no hole bigger to fill.

But I’m filling it just fine. It took just a little pep talk from online chums to make me realize the new life ahead of me as “Retired Mom”. I can take spontaneous trips out of town. I can go out at night without wondering who needs the car and who’s going to be where. I can redecorate the rooms. And I can work as late as I want. The television? Mine! Muhahahaha! Yes, it’s rather easy to see the benefits once the sadness lifts.

And if I work late, maybe some of these jobs would fill my time… (how’s that for a transition?)

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